Imagine hurling yourself thirty or more feet into the air - perhaps touching the ceiling of the gym as you twist your body in space – then returning to the surface of the trampoline to launch yourself over and over again. That’s the rhythm of a competitive trampolinist. In 1978 at age four, Chris Mitruk began his career as a gymnast at the Burlington Boys Gymnastics Club. He was introduced to competitive gymnastics as a participant in the Burlington International Games. The young Mitruk soon vaulted himself to Junior Provincial Champion winning titles in 1983, 1984, and 1986. The talented youngster’s interest, however, turned to the trampoline. Chris propelled himself into senior division competition although still eligible for junior division events.

In 1990 the talented teen was introduced to international trampolining in Essen Germany. At sixteen years of age, he was the youngest “senior” competitor at the World Championships. In 1996 in Vancouver B.C. Chris captured his first World Championship Double-Mini Trampoline Individual Title. And in the same year, he secured the World Double-Mini Team Title. The following year in Sydney Australia Chris was crowned Double-Mini Trampoline World Champion. In 1999 in Sun City South Africa Chris seized yet another World Title in Individual Double Mini Trampoline where he mesmerized judges and competitors performing twists and turns with the highest degree of difficulty. And in 2003 at the World Championships in Hanover Germany Chris garnered gold in Double-Mini Team competition.

Between 1986 and until his retirement in 2003 Chris competed in more than 50 competitions around the globe. His exceptional global record has earned him a plethora of prizes. Among them – the Canadian Gymnastics Federation Trampoline Athlete of the Year (1994); and the Burlington Sports Alliance Male Athlete of the Year – in the inaugural year (2004). Clearly, endless hours of commitment and dedication carried “the little four year boy” - with big dreams - to the top of the world. Chris is a proud graduate of Tecumseh Elementary School and Burlington Central High School. Post-secondary school, he enrolled at Ryerson University where he majored in architecture. He then attended Sheridan College where he graduated from the graphic design program.

Chris’ passion for gymnastics and trampolining continues today. The world champion shares his expertise with young people who, like him have dreams. A resident of Keswick Ontario, Chris teaches and mentors kids at “Flip ‘n’ Wicked” – a local gymnastic club. The Burlington Sports Hall of Fame salutes Chris Mitruk and welcomes him to the Hall where he joins his distinguished dad, Steve inducted in 2015. To date, Chris and Steve are the only father/son inductees into the Hall.