One of Canada's most prolific golfers of all time, Nick Weslock represented this country with dignity and pride in countless competitions locally, nationally and around the world. A steadfast amateur throughout his career, he contested and beat both amateurs and professionals well into his fifties.

It all began in 1939 when using a set of borrowed clubs Nick won his first championship at the Southern Ontario Amateur tournament at the age of 21. Over the next three decades he won eight Ontario amateur titles, four Canadian amateur titles and was low amateur at the Canadian Open a record 11 times.

He was a student of the game and a relentless player who seemingly never got too excited or rattled, remaining calm and in control at all times. He realized that a sound technical approach to the game was not enough to succeed, saying: "you have to think about it and put everything in place". He loved competing and he considered his greatest accomplishment to be his seven victories in the Ontario Open because, as he told Golf Canada in 2000: "Being an amateur and beating all the top pros seven times gave me a lot of satisfaction".

Nick Weslock represented Canada numerous times on World Cup, America's Cup and Commonwealth Teams. He was a member of the Ontario Willingdon Cup team an incredible 25 times and he received four invitations to participate in the Masters.

It looked like his career would come to a crashing end when in 1973 he underwent hip replacement surgery. However, just a few months later he was back on the course, competing and going 12 under par on one occasion. He continued to play well into his eighties, claiming 11 Ontario and four Canadian Senior titles.

According to Nick it was his love of the sport and the game of golf that was the key to his success. An engineer by profession, Weslock never left golf's amateur ranks. Balancing the demands of a professional career and the rigours of competitive golf, he set amateur standards that may never be equalled. For his superb record in golf he was inducted into The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1972 and proudly welcomed into the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame in June of 2010.

Member of the Canadian CanSports Hall of Fame.