On occasion, the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame wishes to recognize an individuals or organization that has made an indelible mark on the sporting scene in our city and beyond. It is expected that such individuals or organizations will have met the majority of the following criteria:

  • A Burlington born or raised individual or an organization with long-time residence in our city
  • An enduring commitment to sporting activity in Burlington and/or beyond
  • An extraordinary feat of achievement that while superb does not meet the criteria of the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame for membership as an Athlete or Builder
  • An intention to aid and support the well-being and health of individuals in Burlington
  • A commitment to service in a meaningful way – that has a continuing impact on the citizens of Burlington


On occasion we come across an individual or organization whose service to the community is worthy of recognition. Under the terms and criteria of the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame, their accomplishments do not qualify for selection and induction. Nonetheless we feel compelled to applaud and recognize these few extraordinary cases. One such case this year is the Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club. It all began back in 1975 and has now grown into one of Canada’s largest Oldtimers hockey clubs. Russ Dean called up some oldtimers in the community to join him and enter a National tournament in Peterborough. From this one-off beginning, Dean and Jerry Large began to create a local league here in Burlington. These two along with Guy Ouelette, Gerry Park and Jim Verral were instrumental in putting together an eight team league. There were many others who worked tirelessly to help get the league going, too many to list here unfortunately. They established a Board with 15 Directors and soon they had 128 players registered with 20 more on a waiting list. Ice time was a real problem back then. And, believe it or not, they couldn’t get any ice time in Burlington, so the first two seasons were played in Hamilton.

The Club is justifiably proud of it’s guiding principles which are:

Balanced Play - Meet New Friends – Responsible Direction – Part of the Community

Since it’s inception the Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club has given immensely to this city. It has fundraised for Mainway Arena, donated to Joseph Brant Hospital and given generously to many other charities. It has sponsored minor baseball and football teams. To quote a Past President, Gary Marshall, “we are committed to fund raising efforts for the community”. In the last three years alone, the BOHC has donated over $22,000 to the Carpenter Hospice. The BOWSER Food Drive has been a focus for them since 1992.

By the end of the 2008, the BOHC had donated over $93,000 in cash and over 59,000 food items.

Today the Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club has expanded to an amazing 48 teams playing in eight divisions. Their contributions to hockey fellowship and the Burlington Community at large certainly warrant the recognition and commendation of an Award of Merit from the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame.