Shelley Simonton- Barnett, being inducted in the builder’s category for her passion
and direction of the NEXXICE Synchronized Skating program.

Passionate people who give back to their community building sports programs, Shelley began as an
athlete who loved the excitement of being on the ice. She started skating at the age of three and loved it
from the first time her skates hit the ice. She combined the parallel activities of figure skating and ballet
/dance along with her early years on the ice or in the dance studio. She skated competitively when she
was young in Chatham, Ontario, eventually competing on the national level in singles figure skating
including skating professionally in “Disney On Ice and Stars On Ice”.

Having been involved in an Ice Show as an athlete, Shelley was asked to coach a Synchronized Skating
team in Windsor. The people in Windsor assumed an “ice show professional” would be able to
choreograph movements for 24 skaters, but in reality, there is very little relationship between the two
disciplines. Shelley had a steep learning curve. Learning about the intricacies of coordinating the
movements of all the skaters collectively and how challenging it really was. She became intrigued with
the creativity, loved the team atmosphere of the team environment, and was hooked.

Shelley is a founder and coach of Burlington’s NEXXICE Synchronized Skating team since 2000. Her
accomplishments are impressive. To Shelley the awards and championships are nice, and the professional
development and success of the NEXXICE program over the years are dear to her heart.
She is impressed with the development of Synchro Skating on the world stage as a potential Olympic
discipline. She has seen the growth of the sport through innovation and a willingness to try new things
and expand the boundaries of creativity and athleticism.

With incredible success, Shelley shares the accolades. In 2010, NEXXICE was to attract skaters from all
over the world! After winning the 2009 World Championships - Skaters the world over aspired to learn
the style of skating influenced by the brilliant coach Anne Schelter, founder of the world-renowned
Annie’s Edges.

Those accomplishments mentioned? Shelley has guided NEXXICE in winning 19 medals at the Canadian
championships - 13 golds. At the Worlds, NEXXICE achieved becoming eight-time medalists, including
being crowned world champions in 2009 and 2015. NEXXICE is currently ranked 4 th in the world.
A true builder Burlington can be proud of. Shelley is proud to travel the world representing the
Burlington Skating Centre and the City of Burlington – and especially while representing Canada at the
Worlds held in Hamilton in 2015 and 2022. Thousands of family and friends created a sea of red and
white and memories that this builder will cherish for life.