The scope and impact of Ron Foxcroft`s sporting achievements are difficult to measure. They are innumerable and are only exceeded by his generous contributions to charity and sport in our community.

Born right here in the west end Aldershot community of Burlington in 1945, Ron played numerous sports as a young boy. With no high school in his area, he attended Waterdown High School where he excelled in basketball and football.

However, as a 16-year-old Ron developed an interest - and eventually a passion - for officiating. He umpired baseball and refereed basketball, and soon basketball became his focus. His energy, professionalism, and deportment on the court did not go unnoticed. He rose rapidly to become one of the top basketball officials in the area and Canada, under the tutelage of Kitch MacPherson, the dean of basketball officiating in Canada. In 1976 at the age of 30, he refereed the Gold medal game at the Montreal Olympics, a coup for a Canadian. His celebrated career included university basketball officiating in both Canada (CIAU) and the United States (NCAA) and numerous international matches. Presently he is an evaluator of officials for the NBA.

In the magazine - Referee, 2007 - "the bible of North American game officials" - Ron was named one of the top 52 officials of all time. He was one of four Canadians named - but, the only basketball official. The other three were National Hockey League officials. Included in the citation was a reference to Ron's invention of the pea-less FOX40 whistle, an invaluable addition to the equipment of officials.

Today the FOX40 is the whistle of choice for most major sports throughout the world including the NFL, CFL, NHL, NCAA, NBA, FIFA, FINA, and you can add the Summer and Winter Olympics to this list. The whistle is also widely used outside of the sports arena by Police, Fire and Search and Rescue teams throughout the world.

Ron has received a host of honours and accolades. Profit Magazine named him one of the top ten entrepreneurs of the decade. He has been inducted into seven other Halls of Fame including the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame. What makes Ron particularly special is the fact that he dedicates a significant portion of his resources - including time and energy - to the local community, giving generously to a variety of sports and charities in the area.

Ron resides in his hometown of Burlington with his wife Marie and his youngest son, Ron Junior. His two eldest boys have moved on. Son Steve, an NCAA and CIAU basketball official was awarded the A.J. Dunn Burlington Sportsman of the Year Award in 2007, and son Dave, also following in father Ron’s footsteps is a nine-year CFL referee and officiated the 2008 Grey Cup Game.

Ron’s outstanding achievements in sport, along with his untiring efforts to support local initiatives merit his inclusion in the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame. It is a most fitting tribute to a local hero who has never forgotten his roots.